Why Did Saudi State Media Threaten a 9/11 on Canada? Because PC, not Houthis, not Palestinians

Canada stood up for what is considered PC but not for the Houthis. Canada stands up for the right-wing Zionists stealing Palestinian land. Canada stands up for the right-wing Zionists refusing Palestinians the Palestinians' legal right under international law to return to their homeland occupied by those right-wing Zionists, who just announced a new law codifying what we've all known. Israel is an ethnocracy with all non-Jews being, at best, second-class citizens. Some democracy.

Ottawa's criticism of a crackdown on dissidents has prompted Saudi Arabia to freeze its Canadian ties, and a kingdom-linked Twitter account to even threaten a 9/11-style attack. Saudi analyst Ali Al-Ahmed says Riyahd's behavior is a reminder that its claims of reform are a sham.


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