Jeremy Corbyn's "anti-Semitism Crisis" is a Smear Campaign? (Pts. 1 & 2)

The audio for Norman Finkelstein in this video is unfortunate. Nevertheless, the video is well worth listening to.

Jamie Stern-Weiner does an excellent job laying out exactly why the claim that there is some more notable degree of anti-Semitism in the Labour Party is patently false and pure false-propaganda being spewed by those with no fallback position, as their policies and programs are completely bankrupt.

Let me add that this is all a very good thing, and that's because being smeared by those who are being systematically exposed as racists themselves for their inexcusable defense of the right-wing monstrosity that is the Israeli government is a badge of honor and is far from lost on the generations about to place Jeremy Corbyn in leadership.

The move by the right to smear Corbyn and/or Labour as anti-Semitic is one stupid move too far.

Jeremy, however, has been making a huge mistake not changing the subject back to the horrendous things being done by the government of Israel. He also has not forcefully challenged the entire "anti-Semitic" narrative by challenging the "New Anti-Semitism" nonsense head on.


In this next segment, drill in the term "backlash."

Backlash is exactly right! Corbyn needs to stop being weak. He showed signs of knowing how to turn the topic back to what matters and in a way that further exposed the nonsense. Why he unlearned that is the real issue concerning him. Does he have what it takes? There is still time for him to state that he's been making the mistake and then to turn directly to changing the subject back to Israel's war crimes, to Palestinian rights and suffering, and to his campaign for democratic socialism.


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