Tories lie about Corbyn. Corbyn hits them where it counts.

... "you can discuss and debate the relations between Israel and Palestine, the future of the peace process and, yes, make criticisms of the actions of the Israeli government in the bombing of Gaza and other places."

"But you can never make those criticisms using anti-Semitic language or anti-Semitic intentions, and that is what we are absolutely clear on," Corbyn said.


Exactly, there's a distinct difference between making anti-Jew statements and criticizing the Netanyahu government and Israeli policies and practices concerning the Palestinians, etc.

Keep saying that until people are sick of hearing it. If you don't, the Tories and Blairites (Labour in name only) will continue their neocon Big-Lie tactics against Labour and you, Jeremy Corbyn.

Remember, every single time they make a false claim to change the subject off Netanyahu's disgusting government, just change it right back to Netanyahu and the right-wing Zionists' illegal racist policies and acts.

Tom Usher

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