Jeremy Corbyn responds to the fake "wreath row" and Netanyahu criticism

The Channel 4 News interviewer was clearly tasked with trying her best to corner Jeremy Corbyn into condemning his presents where anyone who ever did anything wrong was "laid to rest," as it were. I think he handled it well when he pointed out that people are mingled in cemeteries all over the world. Imagine if nobody steps foot in a cemetery because someone disagreed with (a murderer, etc.) is buried there.

By the way, the comment section on the YouTube video is scathing against Channel 4 News. Some comments are stating that the people Netanyahu claims are buried there actually aren't. I'd love for that to be verified.

Jeremy Corbyn made perfectly clear why he was there and what he did. Anyone who thinks he was there to lay a wreath at the graves of those who undertook the Olympic's attack needs his or her head and heart examined.

Why did Channel 4 News undertake to help out in the inquisition (obviously falsely based on its face) of Jeremy Corbyn on behalf of Benjamin Netanyahu rather than similarly questioning Netanyahu for war crimes and acts of terrorism (sniping unarmed teenagers in the back was, of course, done in an attempt to strike terror into the hearts of those protesting for their internationally recognized legal right of return, the same right ironically claimed by many Jews to return to that land)?

Jeremy steered clear of defining the Netanyahu government as being a terrorist government and Israel as being a terrorist state. I think he should have asked the interviewer to define her terms. How many acts does it take?

Anyway, I commend him for turning the topic back to the anti-peace activities of the Netanyahu government. He so "polite" about it, however. I'm assuming he thinks he's being diplomatic and not burning bridges. I think there's a place where he could speak in tougher terms and still not step beyond the pale.

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn talks to Channel 4 News about the wreath-laying controversy - and Benjamin Netanyahu's criticism of him.


Hey, check this out: "There are no ‘Munich terrorists’ in Hamman Chott cemetery." That's very similar to some of the comments I mentioned above. One of those comments even listed every person involved at Munich and what happened to each.

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