There Is a Right-Wing Coup Underway in Brazil, by Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva

The economic right-wing is always hellbent on taking away the gains of the poor. They always hide those gains. They always lie about those who've lifted the bottom.

The same thing is happening, or has recently happened, in Venezuela, Nicaragua, Argentina, Ecuador, and other places, including Libya, Syria, and Iraq too.

The right-wing forces that have seized power in Brazil have wasted no time in implementing their agenda. The deeply unpopular administration of President Michel Temer has approved a constitutional amendment that puts a 20-year cap on public spending and has enacted various changes to labor laws that will ease outsourcing and weaken workers’ bargaining rights and even their right to an eight-hour workday. The Temer government has also tried pension cuts.


Then the economic right-wingers turn around and blame people for fighting against them, for becoming harder, tougher, stricter, etc.

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