Trump Strikes Back at "Ringleader" Brennan [but who benefits]

The main question now is whether the chairs of the House oversight committees will chose to face down the Deep State. They almost never do, and the smart money says that, if they do, they will lose — largely because of the virtually total support of the Establishment media for the Deep State.


"... virtually total support of the Establishment media for the Deep State." The Deep State owns the establishment media. The Deep State owns the "intelligence community." What the Deep State decides to do remains to be seen. It's all a matter of calculations.

They will calculate the degree to which they must move left for a bit to appease the masses until they can re-indoctrinate them.

The Deep State set its minions to work marginalizing the progressives and libertarians (the real ones). Whatever the progressives and libertarians do, the Deep State will move to counter it.

The only way to beat the Deep State is via revolution. That revolution need not be violent; but, in order not to be violent, it must be extreme, swift, and sweeping.

How can the progressives set that up without tipping their hands? The super rich can afford to gather or speak in secrecy without the "intelligence community" interfering. How can the progressives do that? How can the progressives keep from being hacked and infiltrated by Deep State anti-democratic minions?

Tom Usher

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