Corbyn Has Answered Concerns On Anti-Semitism, But Jewish Community Leaders Are Refusing To Take 'Yes' For An Answer

... the more Labour has addressed legitimate worries, the more Corbyn has personally sought to build bridges, the worse the rhetoric has become.

Give them an inch, and they'll take a mile.

... it would have been far better for the party to have adopted at least ten of the eleven IHRA examples in their original wording. Not doing so - and particularly without adequate consultation - was insensitive and bound to lead to misunderstanding, and also served to distract attention from the real issues at stake. It would be for the best if all eleven were now agreed, so the party can move on.

That would be a gigantic mistake. Even suggesting it makes the article's author, Len McCluskey, suspect in my eyes.

... it is notable that there has been silence from the communal leadership over Jeremy Corbyn’s statement that while it is wrong to say “Zionism is racism” - it is also wrong to brand anti-Zionists as racist on that basis alone.

It is not wrong to brand right-wing Zionism as inherently ethnically bigoted. The entire idea behind right-wing Zionism is Jewish supremacy and the holding down of all other ethnicities in Israel as being subservient. If that's not racist, I don't know what is.

In the US, we overturned "separate but equal" for a good reason. It was racist on its face. Equality under it could never be achieved. Either that overturning was wrong or the right-wing Zionists are wrong.

Tom Usher

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