Jeremy Corbyn needs to take on his critics with a major speech. Here’s what he should say

This is something Jeremy Corbyn needs to repeat until it is drilled in and the fake narrative is crushed forever:

The left in general, and Labour in particular, does not have the antisemitism problem that many in the media and the political class accuse us of having. There is no poll or survey that supports the notion that antisemitism is rife on the left or, indeed, any worse than it is among Conservatives.

~ Gary Younge (Source)

Gary's speech Corbyn should give in Gary's eyes is pretty darn good. I'd only tweak it a bit here and there and then add a bunch about Israeli atrocities and lies while building up by name Jews throughout the world who believe that Israeli policies and practices vis-a-vis the Palestinians have been and still are wrong, illegal, and worthy of condemnation and the BDS Movement.

Yes, Corbyn and Labour should endorse the BDS Movement on principle, on the merits, and be completely ready to defend the position while simultaneously holding up like-minded Jews as shining examples to all Jews and to everyone else everywhere.

Tom Usher

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