Our "Prosperity" Is Now Dependent on Predatory Globalization [What's the fix?]

So here's the story explaining why "free" trade and globalization create so much wonderful prosperity for all of us: I find a nation with cheap labor and no environmental laws anxious to give me cheap land and tax credits, so I move my factory from my high-cost, highly regulated nation to the low-cost nation, and keep all the profits I reap from the move for myself. Yea for free trade, I'm now far wealthier than I was before.

That's the story. Feel better about "free" trade and globalization now? Oh wait a minute, there's something missing--the part about "prosperity for all of us."

~ Charles Hugh Smith (Source)

Charles is right, but what's the solution? It sure isn't a Gold Standard. What the solution is, is exactly what so many rail against: One world government with one global currency.

Here's what the naysayers always ignore: bottom-up democracy. That's economic democracy. The naysayers always buy into and sell the anti-democracy line on behalf of the plutocrats and whether those naysayers know that or not.

Do you think one world government with one global currency isn't Christian? If you do, you're wrong. Do you think Christianity is anti-democratic? Do you think God is anti-democratic? We all vote all the time with every emotion, every thought, every word, every act. That's built into God's design. What God wants is for us to come together around what's best for each and all. It's really that simple. Money is only a measure. The point of its Christian use is to see to it that all have enough before any has an excessive amount. It's a free choice. It's a vote. Where's the consensus? What's holding it back? Whose spirit is holding it back and why? How do we change it, the spirit?

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