Brazil’s Disastrous 2018 Presidential Race Teaches Key Lesson For All: Demagogues Thrive Only When Establishments Fail

I really think lumping Brexit and Marine LePen in with Bolsonaro is a bridge too far. Brexit has it's democratic supporters for the ever reason that the EU is technocratic rather than democratic. Marine LePen is perhaps one of the must misunderstood politicians on the global stage, but I won't belabor the point. Other than that, I was reading along agreeing left and right with the article by Glenn Greenwald and Victor Pougy.

Brazil’s media, legal, judicial and corporate factions have spent the last three years righteously insisting that systemic political corruption is the nation’s gravest problem. They were so terribly upset about corruption that, in 2016, they united, with almost no dissent permitted, in support of the most drastic step a democracy can take: removal of the elected President, Dilma Rousseff, before her term expired.

That indignation over corruption and criminality was their pretext for impeachment, not the actual motive, was painfully obvious from the start. By removing Dilma, they knowingly empowered actual criminals and gangsters, people whose thieving and mobster behavior make Dilma’s budgetary tricks look like jaywalking. In the pantheon of organized criminality that rules post-impeachment Brasília, “pedaladas” – the pedestrian budgetary maneuver used to justify Dilma’s removal – sounds so quaint that it’s hard to believe Globo stars and pro-impeachment centrist functionaries kept a straight face when pretending that it infuriated them.

The career sleaze they installed as President, Michel Temer, then got caught on tape ordering the payment of bribes to silence the literal gangster, Eduardo Cunha (pictured, together, below), Temer’s party comrade who, as House Speaker, lead the impeachment proceeding against Dilma and is now in prison. The same Congress that removed the elected President with flamboyant speeches about their disgust for corruption, has spent the last two years receiving legalized bribes from Temer to protect him from prosecution for his bribery and other crimes, and – bribery tapes and all – keep him ensconced in the presidential palace.

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