Tehran museum lionises war in which Iran took on 'world'

There is no mention, however, of the support Iran received from Israel -- now its mortal enemy -- but then both sharing a greater fear of Saddam's brutal regime.

Nor is there any discussion in the museum of the weapons provided by the United States under the highly controversial Iran-Contra deal, in which Tehran was supplied with arms in exchange for help in securing the release of hostages held by Iran's ally Hezbollah in Lebanon.


There's no reason to wonder why the article didn't mention that the United States supplied Saddam Hussein with the chemical weapons used against Iran and supplied him with targeting coordinates.

There's no reason to wonder why the article didn't mention that "the highly controversial Iran-Contra deal" was actually blatantly illegal. It was about illegally arming the fascist Contras of Nicaragua, the same type trying now to overthrow the duly elected President of Nicaragua, Daniel Ortega, who slashed poverty, etc., in the country.

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