U.S. missionary thrust to the center of Turkey-U.S. crisis: Andrew Brunson free or Erdogan dead?

He [US Pastor Andrew Brunson] was charged with crimes committed on behalf of the Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK), a Kurdish militant group which has waged a three-decade insurgency against the Turkish state ....


Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK) is not, repeat, not a militant group. The PKK renounced violence as a means of dispute resolution well before Erdogan deliberately attacked the PKK on numerous fronts both within and without Turkey. That's a fact that is very rarely, if ever, mentioned by the US mainstream media for the sole reason that the PKK is a socialist party. The PKK was once militant, but its leader change all that. Therefore, the statement that the PKK "has waged a three-decade insurgency against the Turkish state" is misleading at best.

I'm tired of the extremely shoddy and propagandistic reporting. It's time the left in the US stands up against the lies constantly spewed about the PKK and YPG, etc., by Erdogan and his ilk in Turkey.

At a NATO summit in Brussels last month, Trump and Erdogan discussed Brunson. Trump thought he and his Turkish counterpart had agreed a deal to release the U.S. pastor, according to two U.S. sources.

Turkey has denied any such swap was agreed upon.

Erdogan had sought U.S. help to persuade Israeli authorities to release a Turkish woman being held in Israel, accused of ties to the Palestinian militant group Hamas. In exchange, Ankara would release Brunson , a senior White House official said.

Israel deported the Turkish detainee, Ebru Ozkan, on July 15 and later confirmed that Trump had requested her release. Ankara has denied ever agreeing to free Brunson in return.

If Trump is right about that, then Erdogan has cooked his own goose. There is no way Trump will ever back off. He will only apply more and more and more pressure against Erdogan and Turkey.

There's plenty more going on, of course. Erdogan was very threatening and accusatory about the coup attempt in Turkey. Personally, I've always thought it was the Kemalists in Turkey who were plotting but that Erdogan ramped it up so Erdogan would have a pretext to crack down as he has. Erdogan plans to buy weapons from Russia (not that what the neocon liars say about Russia is true). Erdogan helped IS sell Syrian oil. Erdogan helped IS attack Kurds fighting against IS, which Kurds Obama ended up helping (and rightly so). Erdogan was threatening concerning those same Kurds again once Trump got in office. Trump hasn't been as supportive of the Kurds (YPG) probably because they are socialists (democratic-socialists but insistent upon socialism as the form of government).

Anyway, Trump has ended up pushing back concerning the Kurds. Erdogan has bristled about it. The Kurds and Assad are talking, though it's pretty secretive and often denied (carefully). Trump and Putin want the Syrian war to end and for the Syrian refugees to return to Syria and for IS and al Qaeda to be wiped out of existence. The neocons don't like any of that.

I think it will be Andrew Brunson free or Erdogan dead.

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