Oh, Sweden: Truth please

The following is based upon a personal email I sent. I wasn't planning to share it, but the left-right divide is being played, as always. What's really happening only comes out by gleaning from the entire spectrum and from history and does not ever come out by listening only to one side. That may send the majority of the population of the world running away from hearing me out, but that's the very attitude that brings about damnation. The truth saves, and you can't get it without discerning-effort.

So, I watched this video because of all that's going on. I figured I'd share it with you ... so you'd hear more than one side on it all (always best to know the full spectrum of views). However, I've read quite a bit about it all so I'd not be in the dark on it and only taking one side's view on things. The fact is that as a percentage of the total population, refugees still make up a fairly manageable percentage, depending. I don't remember the figure off the top of my head, and if I were to guess, I might confuse it with that for the UK, where I've also checked because of all the anti-immigrant talk over BREXIT, etc.

Nevertheless, some of the criticisms raised by the right in the video are quite legitimate. Sweden just had a very large rash of car burnings this week too. And to think that Sweden was once the strongest military power in the world.

Just so you'll know my view on it, when war refugees pour in, the host nation(s) should be welcoming but extremely firm concerning behavior. Violators should be dealt with instantly and sternly. Violators and those who are not should not be lumped together. It doesn't matter how many refugees there are. In addition, refugees should be set to work making the things needed for additional refugees (if any). Plus, those who cause war refugees should be held to account also instantly (the NEOCONS, too many to name, and so-called Liberal Interventionists, such as Barack Obama, somewhat, he wasn't the worst, mostly duped and weak, easily caved, and Hillary Clinton, who was extremely bad).

Note the Communists who also take a very similar position as the conservatives. Lastly, it's a fact that Sweden really didn't have much crime before the refugees from the Middle East and vicinity poured in and brought their "issues" with them. The Swedes were just too soft once all the true ugliness showed its head. They weren't ready for so many people who wouldn't be grateful and likewise tolerant and remain so.

Do I think that once the wars are over that the refugees should be sent back? Yes. There might be exceptions but the rule right now (current international law) should be to send them back in manageable numbers and certainly not before things are readied enough in the places they came from.

As for the neocons, etc., I wouldn't lose any sleep if they were all strung up. I know that's harsh and doesn't sound Christian. I wouldn't advocate capital punishment, never do, but I'm being honest that I wouldn't lose any sleep about it. Rehabilitation (mercy and forgiveness for those who can receive it and act accordingly) is my desire, but the planet needs to be sold on that principle. Right now, war criminals are supposed to be executed or imprisoned for a long time at the very least.

Let me add that I'd be fine with removing them all, those who started the wars, from all public power and limiting their personal lives in terms of exercising power over society via corporate power and such and then undertaking true, strict reconciliation ("trust but verify" perhaps).

Here's the video I shared (there's another below it too):

"Testing Tolerance: Swedes are saying 'enough', to immigrants, no-go zones"

Here's the second video that I'm including here because it discusses some stats. The stats aren't perfect. They are ballparkish at best; however, they aren't so off to render the concerns expressed moot.

'What Is Going On With Sweden??' - Tucker Carlson REACTS To Situation In Sweden

I could include videos from the liberal-left (those who would be more apt to put down any and all criticism against recent Sweden governmental policies and practices concerning the issue), but I want to get this out there now and will post such liberal-left videos without hesitation. If you have one you want to point to, leave it in the comment section. To be clear here, I am deliberately differentiating between "liberals" and progressives. It is my position that progressives, such as I am, are vastly more inclined to focus back upon the root causes (wars of aggression started by the neocons) rather than on multiculturalism, per se. It is also my view that progressives are all for multiculturalism but are more realistic about firmer law-and-order aspects required.

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