Opening China the way it was done has massively jeopardized the world

The following is extremely shortsighted:

"I like Taiwan. But even Taiwanese want China now. The businessmen, they also want China. They don't care about political consequence. Think about the economics," Toribiong said.


All the problems are the result of anti-democratic capitalists opening China with zero democratic strings attached all while promising that opening China without such strings attached would result in China becoming democratic.

What's the harm? The more leverage China obtains without having to adopt democracy, the more likely it becomes that the dictator of China will force the existence of a gigantic Chinese Empire based upon the dictatorship. The business people willing now to look the other way will lose all sovereign power to the one-party, one-man dictator of China. His word will be the law for the entire Empire. All dissenters will be punished. Due process of law will not exist. Freedom of speech, freedom of religion, freedom of movement, etc., will not exist. You will have your right to vote removed whether you like it or not. Is that what you want? Are you willing to sell your freedom for fleeting money?

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