Whether you agree with Trump on other things, he's right about Brennan and Russiagate

Senator Mark Warner, a Democrat from Virginia, announced Friday on Twitter that he planned to introduce an amendment “to block the president from punishing and intimidating his critics by arbitrarily revoking security clearances”.


It wouldn't work because it would be unconstitutional.

John Brennan came up with Russiagate at least at the operations-line front. Whether Brennan was given direct orders to do it by a plutocrat or more remains to be seen. Brennan lied about Iraq and more, and he illegally hacked into the US Senate. If you trust him and want him to have security clearance, you're a numskull.

The "Russia, Russia, Russia" narrative is a farce. It has always been pure theater. There was no there, there and never will be. It was a failed coup attempt, no doubt about it. The false allegation was that Trump and Putin were in cahoots to undermine US democracy. Meanwhile, the Clinton campaign and the anti-Trump-at-the-time FBI funneled money to Russians for fake dirt on Trump. How ironic is that! Is Hillary being investigated/prosecuted? Also meanwhile, the Clinton campaign via its Victory Fund were in cahoots with the DNC to deny Bernie Sanders the nomination. No irony there, much!

Zero evidence has been provided that the Russian government did anything illegal regarding the US election. Most of the things even alleged wouldn't have amounted to a hill of beans in terms of swaying the election one way or the other. As for stimulating disunity, what unity? The Russians who did chime in only echoed the exact divisions that were already there in spades. Things were hot long before any Russian breathed a word.

The whole Russiagate narrative is a lie by neocons and liberal interventionists who lie and lie and lie for Empire and personal gain.

Tom Usher

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