British-rabid-neocon version: Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt

Russia's foreign policy under President Putin has made the world a more dangerous place.


Actually, it's the exact opposite.

First of all, the Brits have supplied zero evidence proving the Russian government was behind any poisoning in England. On top of it, the Russian government poisoning the Skripals, especially when tensions were being mounded up by the neocons, makes zero sense for Russia. Putin would never be that stupid!

If Putin had allowed IS and al Qaeda to continue in Syria, the world would be vastly more dangerous and it would also be more dangerous in Russia. Do you think things like this wouldn't happen even more frequently had Putin allowed IS and al Qaeda to thrive and takeover Syria: "Islamic militants launch attacks in Chechnya, 5 killed"? It was the neocons' plan to allow IS and al Qaeda to destabilize the area to weaken it so those neocons could then take control themselves (which never seems to work).

Putin didn't conduct a coup in Ukraine. The USA did. Putin only moved to protect Russian ethnics in Ukraine from fascist neo-Nazis and hyper-neoliberal economics backed by the global-neocon cabal that has ruined the Ukrainian economy and so many other places for the sake of plutocrats pulling all the strings.

The Tories simply can't get over the fact that the British Empire isn't. They want to ride on the coattails of the US even while trying to tell the US what to do.

In the US, zero evidence has been provided that the Russian government did anything illegal concerning the US elections. It's all just claims with nothing backing them up whereby any sane person would even consider indicting the Russian government.

All the while, the right-wing Zionists in Israel are puppet-masters-as-pawns of the Anglo-American axis.

What's it all about? Money, power, and control of, by, and for evil!

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