Macri deflecting and sucking up for plutocracy

"In Venezuela, human rights are systematically violated. They've lost respect for the value of life," Macri told television channel, CNN.


Macri is trying to deflect attention away from his abysmal economic failures for Argentina. He's also sucking up to the US by running interference in the right-wing's hemispheric bid to reestablish authoritarian, anti-democratic regimes everywhere so the super-rich Western-oriented plutocrats can continue, and even escalate, their raping of the poorest of the poor.

Macri knows full well that Venezuela ran into trouble when global oil prices crashed due to Russian and Saudi over production and that Venezuela has some of the most expensive to process oil in the world. He also knows that the general economic and financial welfare of the lower economic class in Venezuela was made vastly better off via increasing the welfare state there. Everything improved for the lower class, who were living in abject poverty under the neoliberal rulers before Chavez.

Lastly, he knows that the CIA has been more than meddling in the whole of Central and South America. The CIA, at the US plutocrats' bidding, is doing everything possible to crush all grass-roots democracy in the hemisphere.

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