Tip of the iceberg: A Rough Guide to the 12 Intelligence Officials Who Condemned Trump for Revoking John Brennan’s Security Clearance


I grew up when Civics 101 was still a thing, in the long ago world where security theatre had not yet taken over the airports and the schools. But if you were born in 2001, and are now 17, possibly getting ready for college, my world is not yours. Your world includes the destruction of the Fourth Amendment by mass surveillance, torture as a routine instrument of statecraft, a State that whacks people (U.S. citizens or no) with no due process through sudden violence from the sky, where made-up fantasies (like WMDs) are used to drive the country into war, and where elite impunity for “wrongdoing” and crimes is the norm. Scan the Malefactions column, and you will see how hard “the twelve” worked to birth that our dystopian hellhole of a surveillance state. That is what “the twelve” — in a sublime act of chutzpah — deem “service of this nation.” They should have no standing to make such a judgment, either for their “service” or for their depraved idea of what a nation should be.

~ Lambert Strether (Source)

The fact of the matter is, most (if not all) of them belong behind bars under the actual civil and criminal laws of the USA.

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