Who are Lyudmyla Kozlovska and Bartosz Kramek working for?

They said they believe the Polish-requested ban is related to an open manifesto that Kramek published last year calling for civil disobedience against the government. In his appeal, he wrote: "Mere protests and appeals are not enough; extraordinary and resolute actions based on the idea of civil disobedience must be taken immediately. Nobody wants Maidan or bloodshed in Poland, but the escalating tension makes us take almost any unimaginable scenario into account — and be prepared for it."

Kramek said that was a reference to his support for the Euromaidan, a wave of pro-Western demonstrations and civil unrest in Ukraine that began in 2013.

"I didn't call for any violence," Kramek said. "I was trying to explain that the Maidan was a peaceful revolution and that nobody was violent until the government tried to suppress the protesters using extreme violence."


"extreme violence"? They were extremely mild considering that the whole point of the CIA-orchestrated Maidan was the unconstitutional overthrow of the duly elected government just because that government didn't want to join the EU (which is technocratic, not democratic, and currently in crisis).

The extreme violence started when the neo-Nazis showed their ugly heads and then the CIA brought in admitted snipers to shoot both sides. It's a well-known, well-worn CIA trademark. Show me a violent regime change effort by pro-USA entities where there are snipers, and I'll show you CIA-contract snipers doing the murdering regardless of who their shooting (just to ratchet up the violence to blame on the targeted regime).

Therefore, who are Lyudmyla Kozlovska and Bartosz Kramek really working for?

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