[Extremely detailed about Russiagate] Fish Stinks From the Head Down: An Update on the Mueller Inquisition

A foreign government, (the British), conducted entrapment operations on U.S. persons associated with an American presidential candidate, (Donald Trump), on foreign soil, (Great Britain), in coordination with the sitting President of the United States (Barack Obama) and his intelligence agencies, in order to fabricate a pretext for an FBI investigation, in which the target (Donald Trump) could be effectively defamed in the U.S. media as a Russian puppet, to wit, as implicitly engaged in treason against the United States. The President’s favored candidate (Hillary Clinton) together with Obama’s intelligence agencies, financed the entire operation.


The whole article will be a hard read for many who aren't familiar enough with the entire background of Lyndon LaRouche. Lyndon is a New Dealer and hates the remnant of the British Empire that, throughout the history of the US, has hated losing the American colonies via the American Revolutionary War.

Some aspects of the basis for that war do not reflect well upon the American side. However, America did throw off the monarchy and did grant its citizens a modicum of freedom and representation relative to what those Americans were being granted by the British Empire.

Well, Lyndon LaRouche, in addition to being a New Dealer, is also a lover of the American School of Economics vs. the Austrian School and neoliberal economics. Therefore, read the article with all of that in mind. Understand that the British-imperialist Tories, such as Winston Churchill, wanted to bring America back into the fold so Britain could be at least a coequal partner in an Anglo-American Empire as simply a continuation of the British Empire.

Unfortunately, much of what happened to the US economy in recent years shows a pattern of the "Anglo-Saxon" economics (which is really what Austrian School of Economics is) gaining sway in the form of trashing the New Deal.

It is that trashing that caused the Great Recession.

Read the whole linked article to get an overview of the underhandedness that's been going on.

One thing the LaRouche followers almost never mention is Zionism and its role in all of this. Others don't shy away from the connection with the banking dynasty of the Rothschilds. After all, they started modern international commercial banking, which industry stands nothing to gain and everything to lose by economic democracy. It was a powerful part of the Rothschild family that gained the British government's agreement for the Zionist Project in Palestine. We can all see how that ethnocracy is playing out and just how tied up both the US and British governments have been with it all.

There's a great deal more I could say here, but read the article and research all the history to connect the dots. Read the history of Russia in terms of how Russia actually sided with America quite often against forces arrayed against America while America was coming up in the world. Think foremost about moneyed interests.

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