Manafort guilty: Courtroom win bolsters special counsel's credibility [actually not]

Although Mueller’s primary focus is to investigate an alleged conspiracy between Russia and members of the Trump campaign to influence the 2016 presidential election, the Manafort trial in Virginia focused on actions unrelated to Russia and the 2016 election.


That's the most important aspect concerning the whole thing.

It still remains an absolute fact that the one and only reason Paul Manafort was investigated was because of unsubstantiated and, in fact, obviously illegally based allegations against Donald Trump couched in probable-cause terms to ostensibly allow for investigations into whether Trump and Putin or Trump and the Russian government conspired to illegally undermine the US election process.

Furthermore, the parameters of Mueller's investigation are so overly broad as to allow him to quite literally investigate anyone and everyone for a possible connection to the fictitious conspiracy and then finding anything illegal, bring those investigated up on charges and into court. That is exactly what the US Constitution is designed to prevent.

Whether Paul Manafort is actually guilty or not of any of the crimes he was charged with, every charge and conviction should be summarily thrown out on technical Constitutional grounds to preserve and protect the civil rights of us all against unreasonable searches, seizures, and charges, etc.

Whatever Paul Manafort may or may not have done pales in comparison to the potential abuse if the Mueller (fishing expedition) investigation is allowed to stand as a precedent.

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