Debate: Who Is Behind Nicaragua's Turmoil? You'll hear the side of the Left that's censored in the US mainstream.

I'm not a militant. I don't agree with violent protests. I've been in them. They aren't good. I renounced the tactic. That said, I still understand what motivated the Sandinista's military struggle against the fascist dictatorship in Nicaragua and then against the Reagan-backed Contras (who were former fascist-dictatorship military personnel, etc.).

As for the tactics of US imperialism in the region, Max Blumenthal is not making anything up. In fact, he's just scratching the surface due to the time constraints of the video "debate." As for Dr. Mary Ellsberg, she says she's against the violence on both sides but doesn't denounce the very tactics Max cites. What exact ideology and economic system does she want?

Intense and informative:

Part 1


Part 2


Part 3


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