An economic, political, and spiritual war on coal, oil, and gas is exactly the right path

Donald Trump is moronically whining about society wanting to clean our atmosphere of excessive CO2 caused by human burning of carbon fuels: coal, refined crude oil and tar sands, and so-called natural gas. Yes, there are ways to help mitigate, but rolling those out is happening too slowly!

I don't care if Donald he cries himself to death over it if that's what it's going to take. We must end the idiotic industries that are destroying the Earth whether the plutocrats like it or not. It is definitely already a matter of life and death and increasingly so such by the moment.

Trump is talking about coal being militarily strategic. Well, if the US weren't hellbent on global imperialism for the sake of US plutocrats, the issue would be moot. Make peace, not war! Blessed are the peacemakers. Especially self-damning are the war-starters. Wake up, Trump. Listen to God telling you what you really ought to be doing. Stop pretending.

Humanity's callous greedy have been on the wrong side forever. Their spirit is the problem.

They pollute the planet, making it toxic, know they are about to do it, and then don't give a damn later. Everything is made worse on balance because of them. They are the enemy of righteousness.

Sure, we want them to see the light, stop, turn, repent, and atone. We are all self-sacrificing, including sacrificing the welfare of our children and even our unborn, so we can avoid using even lesser evil to stop the greater evil of those greedy ones.

Some people don't understand relative evil. I don't like Antifa's tactics, but I'd be an idiot not to realize that the fascists are worse in what they want in the end then are the vast majority of anti-fascists who are not pacifists and won't endlessly turn the other cheek.

That is what's going on. The Peace Movement has used nonviolence for decades only to see itself completely ignored. The bought and paid for politicians in the Republican Party and the Democratic Party simply do the plutocrats' bidding even when the vast majority of Americans want otherwise.

How long will it be 1) before the tide turns enough to avoid violence or 2) before violent revolution on a massive scale that includes many on the inside of the system turning against the plutocrats and siding with the People?

One way or the other, the houses of the plutocrats are going to fall. You can bank on that. It's only a matter of time. Just as Jesus said, only God knows exactly when but not if. There is no if about it.

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