Cohen’s lawyer says senators failed to ask the right [BS] ‘follow-up questions’ in collusion probe


Davis then replied that the senators failed to ask the right follow-ups to Cohen’s prepared statement — about Trump’s “level of awareness” of the hacking, seeming to draw a distinction between awareness and “involvement.”

“If he were asked, ‘Were you aware of Mr. Trump’s level of awareness before the hacking illegally done by a foreign government? Were you aware that Mr. Trump might have known and didn’t call the FBI?’ I don’t think you would’ve gotten the answer that you just read. But that question wasn’t asked.”


At most, Donald Trump will be alleged to have made some ambiguous statement as to what he was possibly thinking at the time concerning potential foreign-governmental hacking. The reason is that Trump didn't know squat about any actual Russian governmental hacking because nobody in US "authority" knew about any such hacking. Even the worst of the worst in the NSA, CIA, and FBI issued a clear disclaimer that they were only speculating that such hacking took place. More importantly, such hacking didn't take place. It was made up out of whole cloth by John Brennan or his plutocratic handlers who told him to drum it up. Who doesn't know that?

Therefore, what is Cohen's lawyer, Davis, up to? He's trying to get the best deal for his client he can by building up a nonexistent mole hill into some ostensible mountainous reason to have Mueller go easy on Cohen.

UPDATE: On August 27, 2018, this came out:

Cohen's lawyer, Lanny Davis, spent recent days walking back his bombshell assertions that his client could tell the special counsel that Trump had prior knowledge of a meeting with a Russian lawyer to get damaging information on Hillary Clinton.
Davis also is hedging suggestions he made on television last week that Cohen could tell special counsel Robert Mueller about whether Trump was aware of and encouraged Russian hacking during the 2016 campaign before it became publicly known.

That takes care of that. It was BS. Those who jumped all over it as being a bombshell against Trump were extremely naive, ignorant, or engaging in wishful thinking.

UPDATE: On August 30, 2018, RT v CNN:

A bombshell story that was supposed to be the end of President Donald Trump – until the celebrity source recanted. It sounds like a typical media screw-up, with one key difference: for whatever reason, CNN is standing by it.


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