[Not a BBC fan, but this is not bad] Sweden: Truth, lies and manipulated narratives? - BBC Newsnight

I've watch and read on both sides of this issue. I've posted a bit on it in this blog. It's not an issue that consumes me.

Nevertheless, I understand both perspectives, or should I say many perspectives. As for this particular video, I completely agree with the point of it that one should check beyond the mere headlines and front stories and try to get at what's really going on.

As for which party in the video I most appreciated hearing from, it's the older, experienced, rather sensible police officer. He struck me as quite trustworthy on the subject and no spinner.

Sweden is usually recognised as being innovative, transparent and progressive, with good healthcare, welfare and gender equality. More recently, however, a growing chorus of Sweden sceptics have emerged. In this report, Gabriel Gatehouse went to find out more about these competing narratives.


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