Donald Trump: Assad or the "rebels" (terrorists)?

Who chopped off heads, Assad or the "rebels" (terrorists)? The terrorists.

Who made women and girls into sex slaves, Assad or the "rebels" (terrorists)? The terrorists.

Who sold women and girls as slaves, Assad or the "rebels" (terrorists)? The terrorists.

Who told Christians to convert or die, Assad or the "rebels" (terrorists)? The terrorists.

Who held people from crossing the front line into government-controlled areas, Assad or the "rebels" (terrorists)? The terrorists.

Who received vast sums of money from the Wahhabi regimes in the region, Assad or the "rebels" (terrorists)? The terrorists.

Who flooded in from outside Syria to attempt to overthrow Assad, members of the Syrian diaspora or foreign Wahhabis (like al Qaeda and IS)? Foreign Wahhabis.

Who's prepared to develop a new constitution that is democratically derived, designed, and approved, Assad or the "rebels" (terrorists)? Assad.

Who's allowed the other side to vacate areas lost to that other side by providing safe passage in luxury buses provided for free, Assad or the "rebels" (terrorists)? Assad.

Who has held out the hand of complete reconciliation, Assad or the "rebels" (terrorists)? Assad.

What the Hell is U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo talking about? Why is he so stupid? Why do such lying idiots get into such high places in the US? Why ask why?

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