‘Vital’ US Moles in the Kremlin Go Missing! [sure, sure]

Until Brennan, Clapper, and their closest collaborators are required to testify under oath about the real origins of Russiagate, these crises will grow.

~ Stephen F. Cohen (Source)

Testify? How about waterboarded? They might require a dose of their own medicine. Well, okay, I'm not for doing that.

Their testimony won't accomplish anything either. We don't even need any more than we already have on them. It is blatantly obvious that the Russian Hacking allegations were conjured up out of thin air. Brennan was obviously the ringleader. The whole thing was just another in a very long history of US fabrication (false propaganda). Nothing's changed. Nothing's new. Brennan was, and remains, the same old liar.

When did he ever tell the truth to the American People on anything that really mattered? You can't point to anything. Yet, there he is with a megaphone being defended by people who have the gall to call themselves "liberals." They are all plutocrat minions and dupes.

Right now, silencing dissenting voices is the game, just like during the McCarthy years. It's the same playbook. Only the technology has changed.

If you liked being lied to and misled in the 1950s and 60s, you love it now. We were lied into the Vietnam War. We were lied into the Iraq War. We're being lied to now about pretty much everything.

If you even get to read this, you're very rare indeed. I am very likely hated by them much more than you are because I call them vipers outright. It doesn't mean I'm saying I'm perfect, but they are truly venomous.

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