Vladimir Putin: What to do about fascist, neoliberal Kiev?

Upon the assassination of the Prime Minister of the Donetsk People's Republic, Alexander Zakharchenko, "Russian President Vladimir Putin lauded Zakharchenko, who was 42, as 'a true people's leader' [which he was] and promised Donetsk residents that 'Russia always will be with you.'"

The fascists really hated Zakharchenko. Zakharchenko was putting in place many truly progressive programs. Education and healthcare costs for DPR citizens are extremely low by world and US standards. The neoliberals really hate that and will stoop as low as can go to try to stop such progressive measures wherever they are brought forth.

It will be interesting to see the extent to which Vladimir Putin will now take off the gloves concerning the Nazis running Kiev.

I hate war, but Putin is not a pacifist leader. If the whole of Russia were to renounce all violence, I'd laud them as no other. However, speaking only from their current perspective of self-defense, I'd say that the next time Kiev attacks the Donbass Russians, Russia should work directly and openly with the DPR, etc., to roll right into Kiev to liberate it from the grip of the Nazis and neoliberals hellbent upon bleeding the People to death for profit, which Putin knows full well they also plan to do to Russia itself (again).

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