Kremlin warns assassination of Alexander Zakharchenko could derail peace process

"A systematic purge is under way of all those who helped bring Russian troops into the Donbass and helped create the pseudo-people's republics," the head of Ukraine's security service Vasyl Grytsak said, referring to war-torn eastern Ukraine.


What kind of idiots would fall for that line? Initially, the new Republics were looking to be annexed by Russia, but Putin refused. Had Putin wanted to absorb the area, he could have and without much dissent in the region at all. After all, it would have meant that Russian troops would have been manning the front line against Kiev, something that has not happened except for a vast minority of volunteers openly allowed by Putin to go into the area to fight to help save the Russian ethnics and speakers from the outright neo-Nazis trying to invade the region with plans to severely punish the Russians there who refused to come under their fascist rule.

You might wonder why Putin did not takeover the area and did not actually take Ukraine back under Russia where it belongs (if any ethnicity matters anywhere in terms of nation-state sovereignty). Personally, I'm for just being homo sapien in all such matters.

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