US ready to boost arms supplies to Ukraine naval and air forces, envoy says [no change-strings attached because, "Russia, Russia, Russia"]

Oh brother.

The Ukrainian presidential elections remain a wild card, with no clear frontrunner and an electorate disillusioned by corruption and human rights abuses.

“The problem is the Ukrainian government is not doing what they are being urged to do by all their western partners which is really to deal with their own corruption domestically and build the rule of law,” said Angela Stent, a former national intelligence officer on Russia and Eurasia, now a Georgetown University professor.

“As long as the system itself remains unreformed, there is room for the Russians to make inroads … That is the other piece of it that only the Ukrainians can do.”


If Kiev weren't so utterly corrupt, Russia wouldn't even be having such gigantic problems with them.

How do you have non-corrupt Nazis running a government? How do you have rabid neoliberals in charge at the very top and not have deep-seated corruption?

It's like Kiev is being told by the West to become likable by Russia. Yes, of course, become less corrupt and more likeable by Russia. Stop trying to pull the progressive rug out from under the Donbass republics. We'll all like you better for it. Otherwise, keep sinking deeper into the Hell of your own making.

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