[A must read] Ken Livingstone: Smearing critics of Israel undermines importance of tackling genuine anti-Semitism

... American Jewish Lawyer Kenneth Stern, who drafted the definition of anti-Semitism. He has since publicly regretted that the impact of some of his examples have severely curbed freedom of speech about Israel.


Ken Livingstone is honest when he explains that he was blindsided by the attacks of right-wing Zionists against progressivism (progressivism in the form of Jeremy Corbyn and Corbyn's ilk and followers).

I was not surprised by the attacks at all. In fact, I was wondering what was taking so long. I had said very earlier on what Corbyn needed to do: Always be prepared for the right-wing Zionists/neocons to change the subject and employ half-truths at best. Always immediately turn the subject back to exactly what those right-wing Zionists do not want discussed.

They attacked Corbyn, and he did exactly what I had said he should. I have no idea whether I was the impetus via some chain of communication: someone searching on news about Corbyn and checking my post(s) or what. I'm sure there's some of that that goes on and has brought Corbyn people and his enemies to this site even though it is more marginalized now then any other I know of, considering I used to get thousands of eyes where now it's a tiny trickle by comparison due to the deliberate marginalizing efforts of the corporatists.

However, Corbyn appeared shortly thereafter to have forgotten what worked so well against the neocons. Shame that.

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