Abby Martin: US sanctions penalize Venezuelan people for voting & electing ‘wrong’ candidate

If socialism always fails on its own, why not leave it alone to implode? Well, it doesn't fail on its own. It's always shoved all over the place and down by those who hate democracy and the real sharing-economy. It's always undermined and lied about profusely. That's why socialist hardliners even come into existence. They believe they have to take a hardline to counter the undermining. If democratic socialism were allowed to compete on the merits, every capitalist who knows anything knows socialism would win. That's why they work so hard to kill it. That's why they lie so much about it. That's why they censor the truth and marginalize and ban the truth seekers and truth tellers. If you haven't been banned, you're not telling the truth.

Journalist and Host of Empire Files, Abby Martin discusses how US sanctions against Venezuela have intensified under the Trump administration, and how these sanctions have not just weakened the country’s economy but have deprived millions of viewpoints questioning US policies abroad.


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