In the face of claims of anti-Semitism, Labour & Corbyn are up & "BIG win for Corbyn as the #JC9 are ALL elected to Labour's ruling body"

Corbyn stood up just a bit against the neocons, Tories, and Blairites concerning their allegations against him for being anti-Semitic. He refused to back down that the right-wing Zionists in Israel are wrong. Look what happened. All his fortunes turned around. He got stronger, not weaker. That's his lesson. He needs to drill that into his head so it becomes automatic. Caving is the quickest way to defeat. Being strong and speaking the truth when you have a megaphone, and he does have one, is the surest way to more power to do good! He will embolden his followers to work harder and harder to get the job done. They will be encouraged and become even more enthusiastic.


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