Nikki Haley has it exactly backwards on Syria, Russia, and playbooks

Nikki Haley said that Syria and Russia are using the same playbook they've always used. That's comical.

This is the first time Russia and Syria have been out in front of the US neocon maniacs by pointing out that it is a sure bet that the US and allies plan another false-flag attack, even another completely fake attack, and to blame it on the Syrian government. In fact, I suggested to Russia that it do that well before Russia did do it.

Nikki Haley and the rest of them are deeply worried that they've now met their match in that the Russians aren't going to always be reacting after the neocons have already pulled the dirty trick, their specialty.

Russia needs to remain hypervigilant and needs to keep hammering on it. The neocons are relentless if they aren't completely backed down. Be ready to catch the people red handed. Be ready with chemical experts, with independent labs in neutral countries not willing to be cowed by the US. Do your best to get into the network of spies who set all these things up.

The world needs to be freed from the diabolical yoke of the neocons and their plutocratic masters.

"It seems US trying to get Al-Nusra off the hook in Idlib - Lavrov"

US envoy to the United Nations Nikky Haley has accused Russia of being up to its usual tricks - with its recent warning about a chemical attack in Syria.


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