Russia at UN accuses US of 'destructive' meddling in Nicaragua


Nebenzia described the US decision to raise Nicaragua at the UN council as a "glaring and grim example of destructive foreign intervention" and accused Washington of stoking division in the country.


Ortega's leadership resulted in vastly improving nearly everything in Nicaragua. The greedy hate that. The greedy want more for themselves by taking things from those who've benefited under Ortega. Therefore, the greedy have spread lies, sowed discord, funded terrorists, and leveled sanctions. It has been the US pattern in the Americas since the beginning.

The US neocon and liberal-interventionist plutocrats do everything they can to ruin nations and then blame the ruination on those those plutocrats ruin. Idiots and ignoramuses fall for it. Minions aid and abet the crimes.

It's disgusting. It's evil.

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