Stupid "rebels" in Syria signed their own death certificates. Surrender or die is their choice.

Stupid moves:

We either die in the area or we resist until we win and stay," said Mohammad Rasheed ....
The most powerful jihadist grouping in Idlib is the Tahrir al-Sham alliance, spearheaded by al Qaeda's former Syrian affiliate previously known as the Nusra Front.

Rebels from both Tahrir al-Sham and FSA groups said they had set aside their disputes to face the common enemy - the Assad government.


You team up with al Qaeda and then expect not to be wiped out with them? You think al Qaeda is better than Assad?

People living in the government-held areas are not being persecuted. Reconciliation is the word.

Assad is ready, able, and willing to liberalize Syria's government to make it vastly more democratic than any other nation in the region, including Israel, and pretty much all the other nations on the planet, including the US. What do you want that would be better than that?

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