U.S. senators introduce bill to help Taiwan keep its allies [for the right reason?]

Washington does not recognize Taipei diplomatically but considers it a staunch ally in the Pacific Rim. Several members of Congress, who see Beijing as a threat to U.S. security and international influence, have expressed frustration with what they see as President Donald Trump's failure to adopt a strategy for Taiwan.


That's not the right reason. Xi is a threat to democracy globally. That's the right reason. If the US talks "democracy" but doesn't practice it properly at home and doesn't really want it for other nations, then "U.S. security and international influence" should diminish by rights. We need to walk the talk for once and then do it thereafter forever.

Taiwan went from dictatorship to democracy. Xi is a totalitarian dictator. It's that simple.

The US should immediately recognize Taiwan as an independent nation-state and accord it full diplomatic status.

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