Speaking of lie-detector tests: Trump's secretly avowed resistance within

There's plenty I disagree about with Donald Trump. Getting along better with Russia is not one of them.

The Trump administration is plagued with Russia-hating neocons. Trump picked the wrong person for Vice President. In fact, Mike Pence was the beginning of Trump's slide because Pence went after Flynn because Flynn was not anti-Russia enough but flexible enough to see daylight for coming to reasonable terms with Russia for peace, etc.

What's Trump to do now? Someone in his inner-circle of so-called senior advisors it is alleged by the New York Times penned the op-ed ("I Am Part of the Resistance Inside the Trump Administration") that is THE headline as I write this.

Trump would be perfectly within his rights as President to insist that everyone undergo lie-detector testing on the subject or quit or be fired. It wouldn't matter if half of them leave over it. It wouldn't matter if he were left with none of them. He never needed to pick his cabinet and advisors from some narrow group rubber stamped by Washington insiders.

They've thrown down the gauntlet. Trump needs to pick it up, needs to call their bluff. They are bluffing.

Trump should apply a litmus test concerning those he hires/appoints/nominates for, or retains in, senior positions in his administration. One of the factors would be agreeing with him that making peace deals with Russia and allying with Russia is a good thing and goal to achieve. Trump wouldn't have to insist that everyone agree with him on everything, but some issues are too big to allow naysayers within the administration at senior levels. Russia is one such issue.

Secondly, once the President has stated the administration's position, his position, nobody within should be allowed to promote anything anywhere to the contrary and remain within the administration. That would require Trump to be more self-disciplined. That would be a good thing all the way around. He could change his mind but not willy-nilly, not to simply throw people off balance.

If Trump can't do that, he should fire Pence, pick a new, competent Vice President who necessarily isn't a Russia hater, and then resign the office of President.

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