US global economic-warfare: US last-ditch sanctions target Assad

"Today's action shows that the United States will continue to take concrete and forceful action to cut off material support to the Assad regime and its supporters," the State Department said in a statement on the sanctions.


The US is now engaged in global economic-warfare. The US targets anyone and everyone, friend and foe alike, all in an effort to ultimately prevail so it alone can be left straddling the entire planet with absolutely no other entity or combination of entities able or willing to stand against it.

In such a war, everything is thrown into the pot. It's a winner-take-all move. If the US loses, it will lose big.

It is a wild and reckless gamble. It is driving those who would earlier have been extremely strange bedfellows toward each other.

There is a great deal of confusion and mixed signals being sent left and right, willy-nilly. US allies agree on some things but not on others, where in the past, they would have agreed or at least not have been so openly opposed even to the point of more than hinting hostility.

Those the US has "traditionally" treated as sworn enemies are not engaging in such self-destructive, confusing acts between and amongst themselves. They are planning and planning and planning and bringing forth the means and methods to thwart US total-imperial designs on the world. They have a very long way to go, but the more the US pushes its imperial agenda, the harder its "enemies" will work together against the US.

The worst aspect about it all is that the US blatantly lies as to the reasons for its moves. It feigns democracy and human rights while its ambitions are purely plutocratic. It uses all manner of lies in pursuit of that plutocratic goal.

What's an American to do, an American who doesn't want plutocracy but rather real, effective democracy? That American can't side with anti-democrats in other nations just because those anti-democrats are targets of the US plutocrats and working against them.

There is only one proper course. Side with righteousness and against the plutocrats and anti-democrats wherever they are.

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