US coup in Venezuela

This is the Big-Lie tactic in full view:

A National Security Council spokesman in remarks to AFP, said that: "US policy preference for a peaceful, orderly return to democracy in Venezuela remains unchanged."

"The United States government hears daily the concerns of Venezuelans from all walks of life... They share one goal: the rebuilding of democracy in their homeland," added spokesman Garrett Marquis.

"A lasting solution to Venezuela's worsening crisis can only arise following restoration of governance by democratic practices, the rule of law and respect for fundamental human rights and freedoms."


The neocon government of the US doesn't give a rat's ass for democracy. Everybody who knows much of anything about global politics knows it. The US government backs dictators left and right all the time just so long as those dictators go along with US-global-imperial, anti-democratic ambitions.

There was no lack of democracy in Venezuela when the US CIA started working overtime to undermine first Hugo Chavez and then Maduro. The US government, via its CIA, have backed outright fascists in their bid to take back power away from the real democrats in Venezuela.

Everything got better for the poor under Chavez. Everything continued getting better for the poor under Maduro until the US-backed fascists started violent protests.

Yes, the drop in oil prices hurt Venezuela a great deal and Chavez and Maduro didn't plan well for a transition away from extreme dependence upon petrodollars to fund the nation. That, however, is zero excuse for the US to have done what it has.

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