End Arms Sales to the anti-democratic Saudis or wake up in Hell

So, the US calls Maduro of Venezuela a dictator and brutal while the US supplies the Saudis in the Saudis' criminal war against the democratic Houthis of Yemen. Did you know the Houthis are democratic? Meanwhile, Saudi Arabia is an absolute monarchy. Oh, and the Houthis are for freedom of religion. Try that in Saudi Arabia.

So, it's sanctions galore against Maduro's government because the US is backing open fascists against him while the US pretends to be for "restoring democracy in Venezuela" and while the US backs an absolute monarchy that hates freedom of religion against the democratic Houthis who are for freedom of religion. Do you stand up against US hypocrisy, or are you afraid to speak the truth?

This video is about Canadian arms sales to the Saudis and Canadian hypocrisy, but US support for the Saudi war makes what the Canadians are doing look like a drop in the bucket.


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