China's President, Xi Jinping, is an anti-Christ of anti-Christs

Richard Nixon opened China so China could become rich and powerful and severely oppress Christians? Xi becomes more and more dictatorial and anti-democratic and anti-Christ while the US government worries only about the balance of trade?

The US made China rich. Now China is out to take the ocean commons away from all of its neighbors around the South China Sea. China is ramping up its military to what end? Is it purely defensive? If it is taking disputed islands and militarizing them, then it is not purely defensive. It is only the beginning of China's push to dominate the world in all spheres.

Who allowed China into the World Trade Organization? Who granted China full trading rights with the US without any democratic or freedom of religion strings attached? Why were jobs taken away from US factory workers and given to Chinese workers who don't even have the right to choose their own leadership? The answer is money for the plutocrats in the US who paid the Chinese lower wages while boosting their own compensation at the direct expense of US workers, who had labor rights, voting rights, health and safety rights and protections, and on and on. What do those workers have now? They have less of everything in those regards and are paid less to boot.

What was the excuse? China would democratize. The US would be offshoring industrial pollution.

Well, China isn't democratizing even yet and China's pollution has reached all the way around the planet. The vast majority of the plastic ocean-patch, twice the size of Texas, is being contributed to by China.

Meanwhile, you read all sorts of people, who hate US imperialism, defending China, lauding China, not giving a damn about the lack of democracy and human rights and religious freedoms in China.

Heaven save us from our stupid so-called leaders.

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