Censorship is trying to keep you from knowing this: "Trump Abandons All Pretense of Being a 'Fair Broker' in the Israel-Palestinian Conflict"

Gideon Levy explains that the US is doing everything to disempower, humiliate and weaken Palestinian representation. Contrary to common belief, the US is not doing the State of Israel any favors.


At the rate at which YouTube is taking down dissenting voices (progressive, libertarian, and foreign), it won't be long before even The Real News Network will have its account removed. I've already seen old videos of theirs disappear, and I don't think it's TRNN taking them down.

Frankly, if YouTube and the others keep up the pace, they'll all become wastelands not worth even visiting to find real debate on any level.

Sure, there's false propaganda along the entire political spectrum, but that's all the more reason to allow as many voices as possible, so long as they don't troll.

I'm not interested in being spoon fed nothing but neocon and so-called liberal-interventionist propaganda.

Really, what's happening is the reincarnation of the dumbing down of America. The heyday of the Internet is already over. It really finally died when PropOrNot was trotted out. Can it be resurrected?

The youngest among us are going to grow up in a media vacuum if those just a bit older don't manage to wrest power away from the plutocrats and those joining their ranks, such as those running Google, Facebook, Twitter, Amazon, and many others.

The race is on. Who will win?

As for Trump and being a fair broker, he's pushing on the Palestinians to get them to cave into a position of oblivion. He's in a race. Can he remain out front keeping everyone off balance, or will the rest of the world finally see his game and call his bluff. He is bluffing by the way. I don't mean he won't hit people. I mean his global "vision" and consolidated threat-matrix is a bluff. All it would really take is for someone to slap him hard across the face and be prepared to do it again and again for him to quit or go so ballistic that even his closest inner circle would lock him up.

I don't like saying all that. I'd much rather he settle down and be a truly responsible leader. He's making too many errors concerning neoconservatism to continue cutting him slack, though. Either he dumps them, or America dumps him with them.

Tom Usher

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