More War Lies? 'Anonymous Sources' Claim Assad About To Use Gas

The Wall Street Journal is reporting that anonymous US Administration sources have secret intelligence showing that Syrian President Assad has given the order to use chlorine gas in Idlib province. Does this sound a little like the "anonymous sources" and "secret intelligence" used to lie us into the 2003 Iraq war?


The US was slow on the draw but once it's shooting, it won't stop even if it hits itself and nothing else. The Russian and Syrians are on to the US, neocon, big-lie method. They are also on to the pattern of having the White Helmet MI6 squad do it's Keystone cops routine of staging attacks. This time, however, the Russians believe the attacks will be real and that innocent children previously kidnapped by IS types will be used as "evidence" of Assad's ruthlessness and provide the pretext for Trump, hiding behind May and Macron, to then attack the Syrian military. Heaven help the US if a Russian regular dies.

Tom Usher

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