Swedish election highlights decline of center-left parties across Western Europe. What's at the root of it?

The Great Recession was "free-market" caused. That should have bolstered the left, but the "left" wasn't really left anymore. The so-called left was vastly more neoliberal. Then came the neocon-driven wars all over the place. That caused the war refugee crisis with so many wanting to get to Europe along with economic refugees because Europe still had welfare states even though the fake left had been helping the neoliberals to weaken the welfare aspects of those states.

"Swedish election highlights decline of center-left parties across Western Europe."

What's the answer? Stop supporting any neocon wars. Stop supporting any neoliberalism. Push for real democracy everywhere. Don't look back. Don't take no for an answer. Don't compromise. Don't shoot for incremental changes. Go for broke or lose.

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