On Russia and Syria, Theresa May is clearly simply pulling a Tony Blair. BTW, why isn't he behind bars?

Why would Russia want to murder the Skripals right when Russia is already under fire for all sorts of alleged things? The Skripals posed zero threat to Russia. The UK and US had everything to gain by the Skripals being made sick or being killed.

Why did the UK blame Russia first and then months, months later trot out CCTV of these two calm, smiling guys, Alexander Petrov and Ruslan Boshirov? It's guilty first and then find something that might appear to be at least something to follow up on as a crime lead but certainly not evidence upon which anyone could be convicted.

Why would the Russian government send two Russians using their real names and real passports directly to and from Britain with poison invented by the USSR such that those two would contaminate themselves and their hotel room (and not get sick or die themselves) and be captured by every CCTV walking right near where the targets lived?

Why would professional spies leave evidence that would be found by others who would also get sick or die?

Why did it take so long for Novichok on the door handle to be discovered? I've also been told that the Skripals didn't return to their house after the time the two from Russia were in the area. If I've been misinformed, please let me know in the comment section and do so with definitive, credible links about that timing.

Why would the Russian government's expert spy agency make the same type of alleged errors made concerning the Alexander Litvinenko affair?

It reminds me of how every single time it would be perfect for the US to point the "chemical weapons" finger at Assad, Assad obliges with a chemical attack so he can be bombed by the US even though Assad is winning hands down without any need for using chemicals. I guess he's just the masochist the US sadists need. How convenient it all is.

The Russians are master spies and hackers but just keep leaving their finger prints all over the place right where and when the US needs them to further the US Empire.

Absolutely none of PM May's narrative makes sense except that May is pulling a Tony Blair, as in when Blair and his inner circle framed the narrative around what the George W. Bush administration wanted, which was to accuse Saddam Hussein of having WMDs, which he didn't, so Bush and Blair could use their lies as a pretext to attack, invade, occupy, and control Iraq for all sorts of American-Anglo-Zionist imperial reasons.

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