The Saudi dictatorship says take our money and shut up or we'll break your windows.

"If the objective is to preserve business contracts then public criticism is not a means to engage," said Momani.

"But if the intention is to support political liberalisation and civil society actors then public criticism is important to signal to domestic actors and the international community that Saudi policies are unacceptable."


If anybody deserves to be sanctioned, it's the Saudi dictators.

Where are the true leaders of the world? Most are spineless money-grubbers.

The US let its own spineless money-grubbers takeover too. That's why China even got rich with zero strings attached.

US spineless money-grubbers wanted cheaper labor and no environmental regulations. Who's not paying for that now?

Everybody's paying for it. The whole planet is paying for it.

All they did was bring more Hell to Earth. Everything they claim to have improved is vastly outweighed by the things they made worse and worse and worse with no end in sight if we don't pull the rug out from under them and keep them from ever regaining power unless they truly repent and show it always.

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