Skripals, Salisbury: Lean heavily toward a May government false-flag operation

"Britain has said the two men were Russian military intelligence officers ...." Well, if Britain knows that to be the case, why hasn't Britain produced Britain's evidence? They haven't because they don't have any at this point. With the Theresa May government, just as with the Blair government, it's always guilty until proven innocent and the May government doesn't do "proven innocent" no matter what. She's a professional liar, and any adult who believes her is either a moron or an ignoramus.

May said it was the Russians before the CCTV shots were even combed through. How did she know it was the Russians before anyone who was actually investigating "knew"? Nobody knows right now that it was the Russian government except the Russian government if it even was the Russian government. Because of May's emphatic guilty verdict handed down immediately against the Russian government and President Putin, intelligent people not only reserve judgment but lean heavily toward a May government false-flag operation, which is the Brits' pattern.

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