White Helmets making films of "chemical attacks" with orphans in Idlib says Russia

Russia is being uncharacteristically detailed in describing what US/UK-backed terrorists are planning in Idlib, Syria.

Russia is new to countering US-level false propaganda, but they're putting forth a massive effort which will probably continue increasing for as long as necessary and possible.

The reason I take the approach I do is because of the extremely long and well-documented history of US government total fabrications concerning all entities seemingly standing in the way of US plutocrats coming to total domination of the planet.

I've seen the blatant lies against Russia for many years, not that Russia is perfect or ideal. It's just nowhere as bad as the US in general on the international stage.

Russia's even been making great strides to clean up its internal corruption. More power to them in both spheres.

We need the same thing here in the United States.

Here's Eva Bartlett telling it like it is.

"Lights, Camera, Action! Terrorists film 9 staged chemical attack videos - Russian military"

The White Helmets have shot at least nine videos intended to serve as proof in accusations that the Syrian government conducted a chemical weapon attack using chlorine against civilians in Idlib, the Russian military claims.


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