Washington’s Long War on Syria Isn’t About to End, but Trump isn't as stupid or crazy as most people think

Washington’s objection to the Assad government is of a piece with its fierce opposition to Nasser’s Egypt, Saddam’s Iraq, and Gaddafi’s Libya. All these governments pursued the Arab socialist project of breaking the control of the region’s wealth by the Western oil companies and their Arab Petains in order to direct it to the uplift of Arabs. While the Western-backed emirs, kings and sultans built pharaonic palaces and lived lives of luxury in exchange for allowing Western oil corporations to pile up a Himalaya of profits, their subjects wallowed in poverty. Meanwhile, in Iraq, during the 1970s, the Arab socialists used their country’s oil wealth to build a Golden Age.

In Libya, Muamar Gaddafi, inspired by Nasser’s Arab socialism, built a society beyond the dreams of his compatriots who had lived lives of stark under-privilege under the Western-imposed King Idris I. In Syria and Egypt, Arab socialists implemented social reforms to uplift the poor, and asserted the right of women to equality. At the same time, they brought large parts of the economy under public control and implemented plans to overcome the economic legacy of colonialism. In Egypt, the president Gamal Abdel Nasser, the most popular Arab since the Prophet Mohamed, lived in the modest house he occupied as an army colonel, while sending his children to public school. He threatened the West by proclaiming the democratic slogan “Arab oil for Arabs”. All these governments were assisted ably by the Soviet Union. Syria’s government stands in this tradition.

It is the only Arab socialist government that has withstood the anti-democratic designs of Washington, Israel and the Saudi kings, to bring the entire Arab world, from the Atlantic to the Gulf, under their uncontested domination.


I'm down with that but am far from certain Trump will do what the article suggests for the simple reason that he won't want to overly test Putin (and Xi for that matter). He'll keep the US hand in the "game" and will bluff here and there but won't try to toss the table and outdraw everyone in the room. He wouldn't make it out alive and neither would Israel. Yes, the US is powerful and Israel has nukes, but Russia and China also have nukes and the means to rain them down on both the US and Israel and all their allies.

So, unless Trump is ready to sacrifice the entire planet and quite possibly the continuation of our species, he'll not do it.

What is completely clear is that Russia has already established its own "never again" and its Samson-moment red line. Russia will not undergo regime change via the US. China is a bit different solely because Xi isn't remotely as bright as Putin in such matters. Xi doesn't have the love of his people the way Putin does. Yes, Putin has some ups and downs in popular opinion in Russia, but the downs are not very much on the question of whether he saved Russia from the US-back predators within. He did. There's no doubt about it. He has organizational skills and business acumen and flair. His people know it. It's obvious. He wrested Russia from the grave of an extremely deep depression and has kept it afloat and progressing in the face of US unwarranted sanctions and more.

What's more and whether you like it or not, Trump senses all of this better than all the people surrounding him, which isn't saying much considering he's surrounded by neocon and liberal-interventionist numbskulls.

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